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The Engaging Families Award (EFA) is a quality mark for schools and early years settings.

It has been developed to enable schools, academies and nurseries to evidence and support the work they do to engage with families and community to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The EFA Framework provides a detailed, yet easy-to-follow structure, allowing the school or nursery to audit current practice and to reflect on and review their work with families.

In this way, schools and nurseries are able to establish their current position and identify strengths as well as areas for development.

In view of the collaborative nature of this whole process it pulls together aspects of the work from across the school and heightens awareness of the breadth and depth of work with families.

There are many benefits to schools in completing the Award, some of which are very briefly listed below:

To recognize and celebrate current success in engaging families.
To embed & sustain work with families.
To develop and improve work by identifying areas for development.
To evidence the impact of work with families.
To support schools and nurseries in the self – evaluation process and in providing inspection evidence for outstanding leadership and management.
To provide evidence for the use & impact of the Pupil Premium. 

Investing in work to engage families is good use of the Pupil Premium. Evidence shows that family engagement is critical to improving outcomes for all children but particularly those from low-income families. Even for families living in poverty, children can achieve well if parents are helped to be involved, and committed to their child’s learning.
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